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Local Sessions: Ides of June, The Redland

January 22, 2022    8:00pm

Ides of June:

Formed in 2015, The Ides of June is an Atlanta based rock band whose sound has evolved over the years into one that uniquely fuses blues, southern rock and funk. Rock solid drummer Nick Gannon lays the foundation, providing heavily funk and jazz inspired rhythms for the band. Indicative of 70s southern rock, Alex Gannon and Eli Browder act as dual lead guitarists, with Gannon’s blues influence coupling flawlessly with Browder’s classic rock/metal chops. Matt Bruno thickens the band’s texture in the form of electric keys and organ. Finally, front man Dusty Huggins ties the band’s sound together through powerful vocals and thunderous, occasionally fuzzy bass lines, leaving you with what could only be the music of The Ides of June.

The Redland Bio

The Redland is independent hip-hop and R&B duo from Atlanta. We bring fresh and unique sound and avoid mainstream. The Redland is our state of mind.
Hailing from the Redlands of Louisiana and Oklahoma, the name, The RedLand, represents much more than a geographical local. It is a concept representing a new paradigm in music. A movement born out of the soil; from the root. It is both a noun and an adjective. The Redland is both a state of mind and a word that describes music that is not just heard but felt in the soul.

Reminiscent of a time when the art form was real, it came natural. An honest reflection of the times that was void of all the commercialization that characterizes the sounds of today. The Redland is a movement that is ushering in the little heard voices of change. The voices and lyrics in this instance are Earvin Legend and Kose, two former Morehouse College students who left school and responded to the pull, desire, and passion to create music that would fill the soul while keeping our heads bobbing.

With an acute appreciation of the intellectual messages behind the imperial musical innovators and revolutionaries from years gone by. The Redland transverse through hip-hop boundaries so that on any given song people from all walks of life can identify with the content.

Series: Local Sessions

Venue: Studio Theatre

Cost: $20

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