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AJFF: Carl Laemmle

February 23, 2019    1:00pm

One of the most powerful moguls of Hollywood's Golden Era, and an unsung Jewish-American hero, finally gets his due in the captivating biography CARL LAEMMLE. A German-born immigrant who began in the garment trade, Laemmle (known affectionately as Uncle Carl) went on to found Universal Pictures, helping to establish Hollywood as the world's movie capital. Producing hundreds of successful monster movies, westerns and comedies, he was unafraid to tackle social issues, as with the Oscar-winning anti-war drama All Quiet on the Western Front. A champion of progressive values and humanitarian causes, Laemmle saved over 300 Jewish families from the Holocaust, sponsoring their immigration to the U.S. and finding them jobs and homes. Interviews with film luminaries, historians and family, as well as a wealth of archival materials, elucidate the feats of this forward-thinking movie pioneer whose legacy extends far beyond the silver screen.

Series: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Venue: Byers Theatre

Cost: $13-$15