Construction Update for Sept. 4, 2015

Activities This Week

  • Excavated to Drilled Pier Grade at City Office Building
  • Excavated to Drilled Pier Grade at Studio Theatre
  • Excavated to Top of Shoring Wall Grade Northwest City Parking Deck
  • Completion of Contaminated Soils
  • Excavation and Haul to Authorized Site
  • Mobilize Second Shoring/Deep Foundation Rig
  • Erosion Control Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Updated Neighboring Businesses on Construction Activities and Look-Ahead Schedule

Activities Next Week

  • Continue Site Excavation at Drilled Pier Grade in PAC
  • Commence H-Pile Drilling/Installation for Shoring Wall System at Northwest City Parking Deck
  • Commence Temporary Construction Dewatering System Installation