City of Sandy Springs Takes Next Step in Selection of City Center Master Planner

SANDY SPRINGS (June 18, 2014)  – The City of Sandy Springs today announced it has selected Carter/Selig Enterprises (Carter/Selig) as its proposed Master Developer partner for Phase I of City Center development.  Carter/Selig was among four finalists reviewed by the City as part of a two-part process, which began in January 2014 with a Request for Qualifications and the subsequent Request for Proposals and interviews conducted this spring.

“The selection committee did an excellent job in not only looking at what was in front of us, but also taking the time for due diligence validating our desires against expectations,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul. “With Carter/Selig, their depth of experience and approach in creating value for its customers will provide a strong partnership for the City.”

In reviewing proposals, the evaluation committee weighed carefully how proposed development concepts aligned with the goals, visions and intent described in the City Center Master Plan. In presenting its recommendation, the Committee cited several strengths favoring Carter/Selig:

·       Carter/Selig presented a cohesive team within a simple organization with clear lines of authority and accountability.

·       Carter and Selig firms are two of the oldest and most successful, long-term real estate developers/owners in the region, demonstrating significant experience as a team.

·       Carter/Selig demonstrated flexibility in approach to uses and density.

·       Carter/Selig presented a comprehensive approach for program management and the most competitive fee of all participants.

·       Carter/Selig demonstrated a broad range of recent public-private partnership development experience, with Columbus Commons and Cincinnati River Front projects set forth as two examples.

During its June 17, 2014 meeting, the Sandy Springs City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a letter of intent with Carter/Selig and begin a 90-day confirmation period in which the Master Plan and project programming requirements are outlined in more finalized detail.

“This project begins a transformation of the Roswell Road corridor.  With opportunity comes responsibility,” added Paul. “This 90-day period will enable the City, along with our Master Developer partner, architect, landscape architect as well as the community, to come to consensus on a final vision for City Center.  It’s a big responsibility and an exciting time ahead.”

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